Unequal enforcement.

Two years ago I was harassed my a forest preserve cop for having tinted license plate covers.

Meanwhile on nearby, wet, trails, he allowed bike riders to use them, even though there were signs posted that said the trails were closed if the ground was wet.

Why didn’t he go and stop them?  He’s a PARK cop.  Isn’t that his job?

I told him I had had cop cars behind me on the road and not one of them had pulled me over about my covers.  It didn’t matter to him, but meanwhile the bike riders were damaging the trails and that was OK.

Where I live you are not suppose to have your cell phone in your hand, yet I’ve seen police on THEIR phones.

Texting is also illegal, yet I’ll be stopped at a light and look at the driver next me me.  If they are constantly looking at their lap and up at the light, I’m pretty sure they are texting, yet the police never seem to see this happening.

There are black cars and trucks with black covers over their headlights and tail lights that cut down on the brightness of their lights or with windows tinted so dark you can’t see who is driving.  This is illegal yet nothing is ever done about it.

If the police expect people to respect them THEY need to follow the laws they expect US to follow and to enforce all laws EQUALLY, not pick and chose who and what they do.


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Unfriendly skies.

Since when do airlines pull paying passengers of their planes to their employees can get somewhere?

If there were no seats why didn’t they try and find an alternate way of moving their employees around?

There is also a story that a FIRST CLASS passenger was told he had to give up his seat for some who was “more important”.  Who decides if another passenger is “more important” than another?

No doubt people will still fy United, but how many will now use another airline instead?

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Harris Online Polls

One of the ways I spend my time is doing surveys.  You usually get point, if you qualify for the survey, which you can then cash in for rewards.

Over a month ago Harris informed me my account had been closed because I had respond with information that didn’t match things I had said before.


I always answer surveys truthfully and don’t change my responses to suit the survey.

I have been trying for over a month to cash in my reward points.

Since I’m unable to access my account I have been trying to contact them and get this issue taken care of.

So what do they tell me?

“Sign into your account.”

WTH?  How do I do that?  You closed my account.

I contact them again and tell them this and they respond.  “Please verify your birthday and email address”  Huh?  You just SENT me an email and I have to verity my address?  I’ve done this TWICE and have yet to hear back from them.

What a clusterfuck.

Thanks for NOTHING Harris.

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Thanks to may Republicans the ACA was not replaced with the disaster the GOP wanted in its place.

However we cannot give up the fight.  It’s important to resist everything the GOP tries to ram through Congress that will do nothing but hurt the people the claim they “represent.”

We must continue to fight these greedy and heartless people.


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The Trump wants to end funding for Meals on Wheels.  A program that many seniors depend on.


“Because it doesn’t deliver any results.”

Feeding people delivers no results?  For many of these people this is the only contact they have with other people.  So apparently they should all just starve?

Meanwhile Trumps weekly trips to Florida cost $3,000,000, which strangely enough, is what Federal funding for Meals on Wheels costs.

So much for taking care of citizens who need help.

I guess his golf game is more important.


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Death panels?

“Trumpcare” is such a disaster that even the GOP is backing away from it.  Yet the “leadership” keeps pushing it.

Who are they to decide if people get the care they need?  One “representative” even suggested that younger people had priority because they were more productive and would contribute more to society.


Americans have NO RESPECT for older people.   Their experience and knowledge counts for nothing.  Is seems like if you died no one would care.

Now Trump want’s to cut Meals on Wheels, a program that has been in place since 1953.  For many people this is the only  good meal they get a day.

Who appointed these people “god” that they get to decide who gets to eat and who gets medical coverage?  Government “representatives” seem to have forgotten that THEY work for US?  They have NO RIGHT to decide who lives and who dies.  And denying people the medical care they NEED and the food they need to live IS a death panel.

When the mid-term elections come around all of these uncaring “representatives” need to do voted out of office.

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Seems they’ve forgotten

I recently saw a clip when a member of Congress told someone at a town hall meeting to “Sit down and shut up.”

Needless to say this did not go over well with the other people there.

What would happen if you said that to YOUR boss at work?

I doubt the outcome would be in your favor.

Elected officials all over the country seem to have forgotten THEY work for US.  If we had not voted them into office they would be where they are.

It’s past time to let these people know WE are THEIR employers.  If they don’t want to do their jobs McDonald’s is always hiring.

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